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No FUN show newps

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So normally I save up for the FUN show so I can pull the trigger if I find a great coin or 2. As this year there was no FUN, I perused dealers websites like a hawk to fill them holes in my collection with the funds I had saved up. Some coins that were perfect for my collection came up, some of which I was able to get over the past month. Three of them are now imaged and below. But not having the FUN also made me go back and look at some of the highlights in my reports from past shows. Here are some Day 2 and 3 highlights and observations from my previous reports:

'I was able to get alot of good interactions with PCGS message board members through the past couple days. I had discussions with lkeigwin on bust halves. ldhair and Bill Jones were good buddies throughout the show so far - dinner Thursday nite, some bourse activities together, some vibrant discussions on grading and of course, CAC...... I got to meet DIMEMAN - we teamed up for the PCGS luncheon. ldhair, Bill, Dimeman and I met at Rich Urich's table just before and then went to the luncheon ball room. What a great gentlemen DIMEMAN is and glad I got to hang with him. We also did the lunch with another PCGS board member (I always forget his handle here - sorry about that), who was also great to meet and made the lunch enjoyable. After the lunch ldhair and I talked to messydesk for a good 20 minutes about various things. I met ProLiz at a table - I had sold her a half cent in the past and it was great to meet her. Being academics, we had a nice chat about funding, research groups, and the usual thing that academics talk about. Had an lot of interactions with Ultra High Relief and Easton Collection through the 2 days. There are lots of other board members on the floor, if you see me today (SH on my name tag), please say hi and introduce yourself.'

'Shared an elevator ride with Cliff Mishler. We discussed his famous early morning walks at coin shows. There is a sense of calm about Cliff that leaves one feeling in a great mood after being in his presence. Great way to start a morning off before entering the bourse.'

'Many knowledgeable dealers. In between wheeling and dealing, I was able to have alot of face time with many great dealers on alot of different numismatic topics. Everything from value, to grading, to collecting was discussed.'

'There is a new bean company in town. These folks, whose buisness cards were laying around here and there on the bourse, will put a bit ole 'W' bean on your coin if it is a blast white MS coin. I am thinking here 'WHAT THE........?' Is there a point to this? We will see how long they last....... Is this you Ricko???'

On to the newps here in January, 2021.

First, here is an image of all 4 recent acquisitions on display in our house. The bust half I posted before.

First up is an 1850-O dollar. I have been wanting one of these for a few years, it is the least common of the O-mint liberty seated dollars. Most of the XF to AU ones I have seen seemed heavily processed. This one seems okay. A recent CRO EB pickup. Under the rotating light there is a nice cartwheel luster, and with the light right on top of the coin, orange and blue pastel colors come out nicely. Of course, imaging this in a slab means that what you get is a white spot over the coin from reflection off the plastic. So the classic image here does not show the colors, but one begins to see a hint of the colors if one has seen it in hand.

SH view:

In the same EB, I also managed to grab an 1875-CC trade dollar as well. You can start to see the colors of its toning nicely in the image. As with the 50-O, twirling under the light brings out more color and the cartwheel than shown in these images.

SH view:

Finally, here is an ebay purchase that arrived 2 days ago for my VF-XF-AU barber quarter set. I am trying to buy every date and mintmark with a CAC sticker already on, preferably in VF25 to XF45, or AU58 (the 3 keys will be in much lower grades as I don't want to pay up for them - a relatively inexpensive set is what I am going for here). Because many of them are very inexpensive in the lower grades, there simply are not more than 1 or 2 beaned in some cases in these grades. Makes it a challenge for sure. The S-mints are more pricey so they come up beaned from time to time in the circulated grades. This one has very rich surfaces and much better than the vendors pics. Glad I pulled the trigger.

SH view:

I have 2 more on the way, and that will be my replacement FUN purchases.

Happy collecting, SH

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