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Offset NFL Pro Set Card Question

First off, forgive me for my ignorance here but I thought this might be a good resource to gather some info.

I recently moved in to a new home and found some of my old cards from my childhood (late 80s to early 90s) that were stored.

In digging through them I found a severely offset/miscut Mike Singletary Pro Set card. In doing some research I can’t seem to find any info on if these kind of cards or any other instances of this particular card. It is an obvious error by the manufacture and I would like to thank it was probably a relatively small run of these cards that got through any kind of QC and made it into packs.

I guess my question is: Does this card hold any kind of value to pursue getting graded, etc?

Any advice/guidance you can pass along would be greatly appreciated.


  • The card will be deemed a miscut (mc) and it actually worth less money. Not worth getting graded.

  • As @shawther said, this card holds no real value. There are so many Pro Set print scraps, test strips, color corrections and other print freaks that with rare exception they are essentially worthless. There are some legitimately rare variations that have significant value, but the stuff that looks like a screw up is basically just that. Doesn't mean it's not an interesting card, though.

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