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On April 23, 1938 a new coin was announced!

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Here's a great front page newspaper article announcing Felix Schlag's winning nickel design. Of note, this is his original winning design entry before the Mint had him change it.

Here's the new nickel you'll be handing out when storekeepers say "Five cents, please" next fall. The obverse side, at left, bears a portrait of Thomas Jefferson while the reverse side shows his home at Monticello. It is a lucky coin for Felix Schlag, of Chicago. Art judges flipped 390 plaster models and picked Schlag's design to win the $1000 prize. An American citizen, the 46-year-old winner is German-born, but came here in 1929 because "there are more opportunities here".

Of note, Schlag was born in Germany like other prominent American engravers like Mint engraver Adam Pietz.

This is from qrst on the bay.


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