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57 years ago today a great man was taken from the republic. Post some Kennedy halves, or share a story from that time. Before my time but my parents remember everything on that tragic day.

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    Before my time, but my mother was a teenager during his presidency and greatly admired him.

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    Yes, the unforgettable day.What always touched me was the fact afterwards when Jackie requested for the Mint to redo John's design of the debut of the Kennedy Half Dollar! Something never ever accomplished, as well as, something never will happen ever again. What a show of tribute. Not only from his dear wife, but also a great gesture on the U.S. Mint's part. Not to even mention for us coin collectors. What a very charismatic variety. I'm sure Russ, would agree with me if we still had him with us?

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    I was 7 when JFK was assassinated. The entire country was in shock and in morning.

    I have read up on JFK and his career in the military and in politics. I have read some of his writings and speeches.

    What is interesting is that if JFK ran for president today as a democrat he likely would never win and never even make it through the primaries.

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    PR70DCAM - I was in 8th grade, and they announced it over the P.A. system. I remember watching on TV about a week later when Jack Ruby shot Oswald.


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