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Did you know silver infused textiles were a thing?

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The antimicrobial properties of silver have been used for thousands of years. Only recently have antivaxxers and disinformation campaigns given it a bad rap by taking things a little too far, mixing colloidal silver with Karen's essential oils.

We are buying our first home and my first no brainer is silver doorknobs, for example. They might not do a lot, but, in a covid19 era, it removes the risk of secondary infection. Plus, they're always "on" and you don't have to do anything. We wipe down all our contact points (light switches, doorknobs, fridge handle, faucets) but this would be invaluable as a second layer of protection.

So people have run with this and are now infusing textiles with silver. The metal is woven into the fabric, typically worn in areas where bacteria fosters. The antivaxxer 5G coronavirus fraud people ran a little too far with it, and use it for hats to prevent 5g infection. Lol.

But, the hats are helping people with skin conditions, and are suddenly popular. Hair is less smelly in a world where hygiene is now regarded as the public health danger it is.

Silver woven into fabric for jock straps, the bottom of bras, underwear was the next step. The only downside is the overlap with all that fake stuff. But, theres a legitimate practical reality to it, and it's more important than ever in a world wherein so many bacteria are resistant to antibiotics. Clearly, factory farms won't stop, and humans aren't gonna stop using antibiotics, so the next contagion is always right around the corner. Idk if it's happened to you guys but having an infection that doesn't get better from antibiotics is terrifying. Even if the situation stayed the same, things are bad enough already. It's only getting worse as 20 years of data has shown us.

With all this in mind, along with recycleable solar panels using silver lasting 1000 years & renewables now being cheaper than fossil fuels, I see a very bright future for this metal. So what if some of it makes it into Karen's doTERRA catalog or whatever, it's more useless junk people will buy and demand will skyrocket. Plus the fabrics really are awesome and really do work (for odor control and bacteria). Some are super comfy, and practical. What more could you ask for in mens wear? Bedsheets?




And please, shills: I know you're just doing what you're paid to do. But do it somewhere else. "Garbage metal", "nobody likes silver", "no practical application", "never used in industry anymore", a few personal attacks, quasi-believable anecdotes, dismissive/defeatist propaganda, and links to websites with manufactured data are just a waste of everyone's time. Thank you for your professionalism.


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    Silver antiseptic creams and bandages are well-known as antibacterial dressings, and I have to wonder what effect the elimination of silver coinage has had on the spread of infectious diseases.

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    FWIW Silver is also used in many of the WIndow Low E coatings in the market.

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    Yes, have to use it for something. Otherwise it's just worthless guttermetal.

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    how do they keep the silver from flaking out of the textile?

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    I've been wearing silver-infused socks for years, cuts way down on foot odor (and possibly athlete's foot).

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    I remember grandma putting a dime in a quart of milk when dimes were silver. She thought it extended the shelf life.

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    Yep.... I have had some t-shirts I use during strenuous tactical shooting exercises... they work very well for reducing odor... Cheers, RickO

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