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World Coins from Early America - Pistareen in MS65 and 1749 Farthing and Halfpenny in MS64

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1721-S J Spain 2 Reales “Pistareen” PCGS MS65
For sale is a very nice pistareen, representative of the type which would have been a staple in the early Americas. Housed in an older blue label holder. The coin is highly luster out and still has the curved planchet from the roller presses which minted the type., asking $1500.

1749 Farthing PCGS 64BN $1000 and Halfpenny PCGS 64RB - $2500
The only British issues officially authorized to circulate in early America. Roughly 1/3rd of the mintage arrived in the US on The Mermaid. Here is a link to a thread outlining more of the backstory. https://forums.collectors.com/discussion/976121/world-coins-from-early-america-set/p1


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