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"Liberty Dollar" confiscated and then returned by the government

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These have been discussed previously. At the time I did not have photos of my own copper Liberty Dollars that were confiscated by the federal government and then returned to the rightful owners who participated in the subsequent lawsuit.

Here is a confiscated Ron Paul "dollar" that was paid for but confiscated in the raid on NORFED offices before they were delivered out. After several or more years my petition (as well as those of dozens of others) for the return of eligible LDs was approved.

My recovered LDs were all the copper variety, and they were a little worse for wear after being in storage for several years. This was one of the nicer ones, a few of which I sent to issuer Bernard von Nothaus so he could add a special counterstamp to designate it as a recovered LD.

I think the cost of the counterstamping was $10 each, for a LD that cost $1 originally. But, I wanted to record the history of the token for posterity.

The counterstamp is a very simple "MA" for Monetary Architect, which is what von Nothaus called himself.


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