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Last couple of hunts

Not a lot of time getting out lately with a new born baby now, but here are the last couple pictures of finds most recent was today. Order is my mom's back yard, park around the corner from there and the last was today. The second picture has part of an old pocket knife

Some detecting finds so far


Cents: 760
Nickels: 80 (oldest 1943s)
Dimes: 160
Quarters: 62
Halves: 0
Dollars: 0

Silver coin count: 2
Gold coin count: 0

Necklace: 1
Rings: 12
Buttons: 10


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    Successful transactions with : MICHAELDIXON, Manorcourtman, Bochiman, bolivarshagnasty, AUandAG, onlyroosies, chumley, Weiss, jdimmick, BAJJERFAN, gene1978, TJM965, Smittys, GRANDAM, JTHawaii

    Bad transactions with : nobody to date

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    Nice pile of change in the last picture.... not sure what that metal lump is in the first picture.... Good hunting...Cheers, RickO

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