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How and when does PCGS assess certified coin values

Case in point, I have a few relatively nice certified coins and was wondering how often they may be evaluated.



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    i have no idea but thats nice

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    Its a massive undertaking to keep all the current dealer sales and auction prices up to date on every coin in every series. Take Gold for the moment - its up and down and backup -no way can it be kept current. PCGS does as good a job for the number of coins it list. But list are called "Price Guides" for a reason. They are just that "guides".As I said, they use dealer coin sales and auctions to determine values. But you can do the same. eBay,Great Collections archive their sales data which you can search.


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  • WS - Thanks, I guess I should have asked how often does PCGS update their guides?

    I get their daily rare coin market reports, and wonder how they determine the overall criteria/assessment of those coins?


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    I would assume there are guidelines and policies that govern PCGS's "value assessments" and determine when a coin value needs to be adjusted...

    If that criteria was published...we'd all be "value assessors" for coin values

    My advice as a long-time buyer and seller of PCGS coins would be to pay no more that You think the coin is worth...and don't settle for less than Your bottom price to sell a coin You own

    I have often compared the price I paid to PCGS's coin value...and I'm usually pretty good at it

    Only on a rare and infrequent purchase am I surprised to find out I paid a bit more...but that does not decrease My pride of ownership

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