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Suggestions for Beginner Metal Detector?

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Hi all,

I would like to take up metal detecting as a new hobby, and am exploring how best to "get in the game." I imagine it will start off as a fairly casual hobby (until I learn the ropes, at least), so am not ready to spend a fortune on a detector, but I am prepared to spend enough for a decent, entry-level unit (I am still in graduate school so am on a budget!). I have read that the Fisher F22 and Garrett ACE 300 are good beginner detectors, but would appreciate any advice on what might be a good buy. I would also be open to buying a used beginner model, so long as it still gets the job done!

I would also be eager for any advice on getting started in the hobby. Everything from how best to practice and good beginner sites. I am learning from scratch!

Thanks a lot!!!

Jimmy L.
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