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How to document your collection in 2020?

I know this is probably a common question ... I've not been active in the forums for a few years and I've tried searching for similar threads but not finding any solid discussions.

Really hoping there are some good websites/tools out there for documenting my collection. I've got some of it in Excel spreadsheet but I'd really prefer something online where I can upload my photos and show it off to friends/family.

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  • I use Ebay listings and the PCGS Set Registry for which I am occasionally reminded by a buyer to mark a coin as sold. You can post photographs of a non-PCGS coin, as well, and place its certification in Owner's Comments. PCGS has smartphone apps at https://pcgs.com/apps to display your registry, population reports, Coin Facts, Certification, etc. which I'll try next now that you've asked.

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    Some collectors use Liberty Street software. https://www.libertystreet.com/USA-Paper-Money-Software.htm

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    This not my site but you can see the nice job this collector has done with his fractional currency...explanations of the issues with notes in his collection etc.

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    I use an excel spreadsheet with all kinds of categories including a note section for any comments that do not fit in the regular categories such as purchase date, purchase amount, coin type and information, seller, sell price, etc. I can understand that this is not sufficient when wanting to show also the picture of the coin to friends and family. However, be careful of software as it may likely store this information in the cloud and can be hacked or intercepted. There are those criminal elements that search out the residence of coin collectors.


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