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What carries more weight when it comes to either high grade PR or high grade MS? Registry Type Set

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Does anyone know what carries more weight when it comes to either high grade proofs or high grade mint state? is it just the higher grade? Do high grade proofs make more of an impact on your set if they are a higher grade than the high grade mint state examples? Do Cameo designations make a difference in the set?

MS67FBL Franklin Or PR68DCAM Franklin?

MS68FB Mercury Dime or PR68 Mercury Dime?


  • WAYNEASWAYNEAS Posts: 6,123 ✭✭✭✭✭

    to me, proofs were and still are designed for collectors, so their production is designed to be the best of the best. A general strike coin does not get the attention to the quality production strike to produce the best strike possible. An MS69 / 70 will always out weigh an Pr69 /70 graded coin and most "business strike coins" out number the proof productions strikes but the care of the dies is far less. There is always an exception to this when SP coins are minted but they too are meant for the collector and the dies are especially made. yes / no

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    Also depends on the set composition. Franklins, if it isn't a FBL set, the FBL coin carries no more weight than a non FBL coin. Look at the set composition ( if the set has one ) to see if CAM, DCAM, FBL, FB coins add a bonus.

  • winestevenwinesteven Posts: 3,740 ✭✭✭✭✭

    With the Registry, the point weightings don’t differentiate between proof and Mint state. However, what you’ll find is that in many grades, proof issues are less expensive than the equivalent Mint State grade, particularly in the higher grades. Additionally, many times with proof coins the cameo designation is not much more expensive than the same proof grade without the cameo designation, but for the registry, having a proof coin with a cameo designation usually counts as one full grade higher. Look at the “formula’s” in each Set Composition. So for example, a PR66CAM usually counts the same in registry points as PR67 and MS67. However, that PR66CAM is usually MUCH less expensive! The cherry on the top is those less expensive proof issues look so much nicer than the equivalent Mint State grade.

    While you didn’t ask, “+” grades count as half point, but almost always cost much less than halfway to the next higher full grade. Using a fictitious example, a PR or MS 65 might cost $1,000, with a 66 costing $2,500, but a 65+ costing $1,300.

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    In many registry sets, it doesn't matter. In others, there are bonuses or subtractions for strike designations, color, PL, DMPL, etc. Depends on the set.

    All that aside, I'm generally more impressed by high-grade MS coins than PR coins. I've never had much use for "made for collector" stuff, whether it's proof coins, spoons, beanie babies, or similar. I suppose I've gained a bit of appreciation for them over the years, but I still don't feel a need to have any.

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