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2020 Topps Series 1 Ken Griffey Jr. RC Medallion Auto /5

Random Walmart trip turned into a monster pull! I picked up a blaster box and in the blue manufactured medallion pack I pulled a Ken Griffey Jr. RC Medallion AUTO #2/5!! I was shocked as you all may imagine. I'm trying to determine the value at this point. Ebay doesn't give much help with only two of his non auto /199 cards going for around $45 a piece. Not much to get a good estimate. My question is, when dealing with low number autos is it better to set the market or wait for one or two to sell. Have you guys had better luck with auctions or buy it know with best offer on Ebay when selling cards with higher rarity. Also, are there any pitfalls when grading a thicker card (135pt) and would you grade it? Thanks!


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