Is the market really dead?

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I recently came across my husband's stamp collection that he inherited from his grandfather. He's near 50, with boxes of boxes of non cancelled stamps, mostly sheets. I know nothing of stamps and nor does he. They've been in boxes (plastic totes) for years. Do we just hold on to them? Is there something we should be looking for? I've only ever collect coins and know nothing of stamps.



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    Really not much over the past 50 years worth much. Best bet is to go library and take out a copy of the Scott US Specialized Catalogue, peruse it and search for the stamps you have, then look up on eBay to see what the stamps are selling for.

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    The great majority of unused sheets of US stamps from the past 60+ years will have to be discounted well below face value. Your local library probably has a copy of the Scott US Specialized Stamp Catalog in its reference section. Use it to see if you have any of the better issues. The prices in the Scott catalog are retail. You will actually get less, probably much less when it comes time to sell. Regardless. if you have no interest in them I would sell them for whatever you can get. Young people have no interest in stamp collecting so it seems unlikely that there will be any price rebound in the near future.

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