Precious Metal deal done

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One can always be paranoid, particularly in an online forum setting where you have likely NEVER personally met the other party.
Well, recently I put up a couple of PCGS gold coins for sale. They were purchased by another forum member (sent a check).

I won't mention the other member's name, unless he wants it to be known, as it isn't my business to say who is buying what, but I will say the "joke" about a "circle of trust" is sometimes no joke. This member has been around for a long while and, within an hour or so after getting his check, before even taking it to my bank, I went to the local post office and shipped it off to him. That was Monday. He let me know this morning that it arrived. I saw that when I got home just a bit ago (great job by the USPS as well... roughly 48 hours to go coast to coast and delivered).

This is a forum member I would heartily recommend to anyone.

Again, selling more expensive items (gold especially) can cause one to be paranoid, but when this member said he wanted to buy, I had NO paranoia.

Why the thread? Just to let folks know there are GOOD forum members out there and not to be spooked by anything and everything when selling. Sure, always keep yourself safe, but there are times that you just get good vibes in a deal and you go with it.

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    Rerun would be happy to hear this! ;) :D

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    Cool. :)

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    Always good to hear/read about positive transactions.

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    Great to hear @Bochiman
    BTW, I would ship to you anytime, you are one of the good guys.
    Boston MDCXXX

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    I concur.

    If I know the poster by years of reading posts and other communications, the coin goes out the same day the deal was struck. I already know the check will be forthcoming.

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    I've never had a minute's concern about the "old timers" around here.

    "The trouble with quotes on the Internet is you never know if they are true"--Abe Lincoln

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    @1630Boston said:
    Great to hear @Bochiman
    BTW, I would ship to you anytime, you are one of the good guys.
    Boston MDCXXX

    Thank you sir, and I would to you as well as I have seen how you comport yourself here and you are a straight up dude :)

    I've been told I tolerate fools poorly...that may explain things if I have a problem with you. Current ebay items - Nothing at the moment

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    Thanks for the good news thread .... And since I have met you personally, and know you from a long association on the forum, if I were to sell to you, I would ship before I even received payment... sure, casual deals cannot be handled that way, but some can. Cheers, RickO

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    The buy-sell forum and metals for sale thread are both great!

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    Good news!

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    I have done a lot of business with both the seller in this instance, and the buyer (if my suspicions are correct). I would be happy to recommend either of them, to anyone, at any time. And I would believe that the buyer has a very large amount of trust in me as well. I ship to both of them before receiving payment. Trust, it's a two way street!


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    The group hug is wonderful but one needs to use a bit of care as well.

    Couple hundred bucks, no big deal. Couple thousand, it is best to at least ask that the buyer drop the check in the mail. Counter party could have a strove or the ticker can seize and you are SOL. No fun negotiating with a grieving widow.

    Unfortunately a few CU pillars went down hard and cost trusting members tens of thousands of dollars. In a low margin business, that is tough to recover.

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