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I was reading an article in another forum about how big high school football is in Texas, a sport tv interviewer asked an American player what he thought about the stands being almost full at a CFL game his reply was " I saw more fans at a high school football game"


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    Yes, HS football is huge here in Tx.

    I don't know anything about the CFL's popularity. As much as I love football, I am surprised that I have never taken a closer at the CFL.

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    Football in Texas is on a whole different level.

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    Canadian Football has been around a lot longer than the NFL, it started in 1958 and before that they were playing for a long time. Some great AFL players went to Canada to play


    You won't find any more loyal fans than Saskatchewan Roughrider fans. Grey Cup has been going on over 100 years.

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    I know RAPTORSRULE04, i worked in Lloydminster Sask. and Rider Power is very popular.

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    CFL is OK......that is where a lot of NFL players go when they are cut here. The weakest NFL team would beat the CFL Grey cup team.

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    The stadiums the high schools build here in Texas are unbelievable. The 5A schools build stadiums with 25k-40K capacities and fill them every Friday night. Championships are played at Jerry’s place. I was born in Buffalo, NY and when I came down here in 1987 I was blown away by the mania surrounding HS football. I remember driving by this huge stadium the first month I was here and asked what college played there? Lol. That’s our HS. We close the town on Friday nights.

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