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I am about to consign to one of the popular auction houses for the first time. Based on what i can find USPS is the recommended and with full value insured. I am wondering if i should avoid putting coins in to the insurance description and wonder what everyone else has done in the past. Also wondering if i should list the value based on what i have paid in the past (around $10K) or rough current market value (around $7K). Thank you.


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    “Collectibles” is a good generic term. My PO doesn’t ask questions as long as the form is filled out properly. Helps that I am on good terms with the worker bees.

    USPS standard insurance is $5000 max.

    USPS registered mail is $25,000 max. So you’ll need to use this and even if the value was less than $5000, I would still use it for anything over $500.

    Value should be the current market value or cost. If you have your purchase receipt from the original purchase that would be a good. If not, then current market value at time of mailing (print out current valuations) and save until safely delivered. You need either one if something happens and you need to file a claim.

    There is also third party insurance, but I’ll leave that for others to answer. You may also want to post in the US Coin forum for more responses.

  • Thank you !

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    I believe above "quotes" are for mailing with USPS only within the USA?

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  • Good advice from Doppeltaler.
    Most insurance policies contain a 'Plain Wrapper Warranty' which states that the label should not contain any words that identify the contents. The usual concern is when sending to 'John Hancock Rare Coins' -in that example the label should be abbreviated to JHRC.
    Any insurance questions on shipping, feel free to ask.

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