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    That's what I thought at first , but the large end is sealed .

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    @kenv1950...Welcome aboard.... I do not know what that is... I even did a google image search and found nothing matching....Interesting item, where did you find it?? Cheers, RickO

  • Out with my metal detector . I live in an old community in the Catskill Mt.. About 300 yards from my place was a Civil War training camp , I'm not saying this was part of it ? Can't go detecting in my area any longer , NYC watershed won't let anyone go detecting on city land and I'm almost 300 mi. north of the city

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    Me thinks it's part of a still or syrup maker or hot wax candle funnel thingie. Peace Roy

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  • Tiny still :D Base is solid .

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    I thought maybe a maple sap funnel. Is the long skinny tube hollow? And the wire hook for hanging the bucket from.


  • I live where there are a lot of sugar maple being tapped and have never seen one like that , I have antique taps ( wooden ) (cast) spiles A BIG THANKS...… Would have never guessed

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    Well now... I did not expect that... exactly how is that employed to tap the Maple trees? Cheers, RickO

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    small end of cone inserted into the tree (hole drilled) large sealed end is for tapping it in the hole, sap runs through the cone ,down the tube into the bucket which hangs on the tube.... Now that I know what it is . I've tapped trees with other types

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    @kenv1950 ....Thanks for the explanation... it is clear now...did not realize the long tube was hollow....I have seen tapped maple trees, just not with that type of implement. Cheers, RickO

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