Newfoundland Cash Notes. Can someone please help with these ?? (NFL is in Canada)

the attached image shows 2 very scares Newfoundland Cash notes.
I own one of them but am not seriously in to Notes.
question: what grades can be expected ?
one has 3 signatures and the other has only 2
the one with the 2 signatures also has 2 holes caused by a stapler.
the back sides are blank which is normal for these notes.
there are only 3 of these known and I am thinking of selling the one I own. (one is at the Bank Of Canada Museum in Ottawa and the other is somewhere in private hands.)
Thank you all for your help

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    Grade is going to be in the Fine - Very Fine range. The last issued piece sold was in 2017 where it fetched just shy of $2,000.00 in a Heritage auction. That was a PMG VF20.

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    lettow, thank you for your response.
    are you sure about it? ? My research says that HA never sold a 80 cent 1908 Type : NF-4H with 3 signatures.
    there are a number of Cash notes that look exactly the same at first look.
    the one you mention is a 40 cent note, NOT a 80 cent note.
    thank you for your effort

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    You are right, what I saw was a 1905. Regardless of the date, I would not expect the value to be much greater than indicated for the 1905.

  • lettowlettow Posts: 187 ✭✭✭

    Shows you what I know. The 3263 note sold in a Geoffrey Bell auction in 2017 in a PMG F12 holder for C$7,750.00. It does have a third signature but it is very light.

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    one with 2 signatures sold for Can$ 9300 in 2017 at torex auction I just found out.
    there were only 5000 printed and over 4600 are accounted for as destroyed.
    only 3 survivors are known at this time. one of them is mine.
    2 and 3 are both certified as F 12. however, mine is more eye appealing and has the extra signature.
    thank you for trying to help. Earlier today I found a NFL collector who is very familiar with these notes.

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    3rd sign is not visible on the auction images. Nor is it on the holder as a signature if I remember right.
    are you the owner of it now?
    the price you mentioned is plus juice.
    I have decided to sell my note, plus 2 others.

    Today is the first day of the rest of my life
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    Yes, first thing that I noticed is that they are the same type-each with three signatures, two engraved and a manuscript signature below. Both appear to be signed by John Dwyer and whatever faded the signature probably also dulled the red serial number a bit, too.

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