Do you, or do you have a kid that is a member of a Sports Hall Of Fame?

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Over the last 15 or 20 years, High school Sports/Athletic Hall Of Fames have become more prevalent. And college Hall of Fame's
as well. Have you ever been nominated, or elected? Or do you have a kid that has for his or her athletic achievements? Discuss.



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    Hall of Fame for drinking by my fraternity. 🍺

    I'm not sure if drinking is considered a sport?

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    Great topic but given the amount of people that post I’m going to bet you might have 1 poster who can relate

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    Hell...they wouldn't even give me participation trophies.


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    I did pretty well in the "Ladies Chasing" events...does that qualify? Didn't get a trophy, but managed to be awarded with other benefits. B)

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    I am the only member of my wife's Hall of Blame.

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    does jv basketball count?

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    I have a good friend who is in her college HOF (volleyball), but no family and certainly not myself. I do, though, hold the freshman record (for all time, they outlawed the competition after my freshman year) in the "shot a minute" drinking contest.


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    My brother-in-law is in the Bay County (MI) Sports Hall of Fame, once as an individual and once as a member of a Colt League baseball team that made the World Series finals.

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    My brother is in the Kansas Volleyball Association Hall of Fame.
    His high school girls volleyball team in Topeka has been to the State Championship tourney something
    like 21 out of 24 seasons he has coached there, winning the state championship 7 times in 6A.

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    I won League Defensive MVP in the Men’s Flag Football league I played in back in 1997 🏈🏆

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    My college HOF for Cross Country

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    When I was 18, I scored nine points during the entire season on my Church League Basketball team. I was no Larry Bird, but I did shoot .571 from the field. Lacked playing time....coaches decision.


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    @pocketpiececommems said:
    My college HOF for Cross Country

    Congrats. Just wondering, what are some of your achievements that got you into the Hall of Fame?


  • JRR300JRR300 Posts: 534 ✭✭✭

    No, as avid a sports fan as I am, I couldn't get my son interested in sports. I do have a nephew who was just recently put into his high school baseball hall of fame. He did play in college, division II, and tried out for a few major league teams when he got out...never did get a call. One of his high school teammates also played college ball, not with him. He did get a shot as an OF with the Blue Jays. After a year in the minors, they liked his arm more and converted him to a pitcher. He did make it to the majors, looked pretty good as a reliever. They signed him to a multi year contract and the following year he blew out his arm. Never pitched again.

  • 1951WheatiesPremium1951WheatiesPremium Posts: 2,264 ✭✭✭✭✭

    My father was recently inducted into his High School Hall of Fame and earned All City honors in the early 1960s...

    ...the city was NYC. Sport was basketball...

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