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New dig with some silver

zippcityzippcity Posts: 886 ✭✭✭✭

While taking measurements on a remodel job for new flooring (house built in '57) I was walking across the front yard and picked up a '40's nickel and a '52 cent , first thought was I need to bring the detector the next day. Hit the front yard the next day which turned up quite a few wheat cents dating back to the 30's. Moved to the back yard the next day and not too much going on until i got a hit by the side gate which gave up 96 coins total (was pretty excited when the coins just kept on coming , was waiting for the silver to turn up but alas it was not to be) mostly zincolns with a few wheats and a dozen clad dimes. Total take from this site, 134 cents, 9 dimes (3 silver) 2 nickels, 1 clad quarter in the gutter , 1 silver quarter. Happy with the newest additions to the silver pile Happy Hunting, Zippcity

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