Are any of these worth getting graded???


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    @291fifth said:
    No. They are just circulated common dates and are worth silver value, probably about $1 each.


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    Worth silver value!

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    Nice 90% silver.


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    Almost looks like a faint '9' after the '2' on the 1942 Haha
    Very pretty coins!

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    @Mystekka When considering grading, one good approach (but not the only one necessary) is to look at the PCGS price guide for your coin. This will show you a lot.

    If a coins value only really jumps up in very high grades-, it might not be worth grading unless it is infact a high grade.

    Some coins jump in value at one of the mid level grades, so for those you need to understand grading, has it been cleaned, etc.

    Some coins are very rare, so authentication is worthwhile regardless of condition.

    Hope this helps!

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    $50, is it worth $50?

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    They are not worth grading, they are not rarities and the grades are low...They will make nice album coins if you are collecting the series. Cheers, RickO

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    Sure, go ahead, I love plastic....

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