1000 & 500 notes

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    I’m going to say the 500$ notes would be in the 700-800$ range.
    And the 1000$ notes in the 1500-1700$ range.
    I have seen them price a little higher.....my guesstimate is based on common notes.

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    I’m curious why it’s an assortment of problem notes, are you bargain hunting ?

    I’d advise new collectors to avoid problem notes. These are so plentiful, it pays to have patience and find a note with original paper and good eye appeal regardless of the grade. The face value alone makes it a heavy lift so take your time, save up some more money and find something nice for your collection.

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    Thank you guys for your input. I didn’t buy the notes as I’m a coin collector. They were in an old coin book I bought at an antique flea market.
    I figured I’d get them graded to sell easier.

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    Due to the issues that each of these notes have, in my extensive experience with high denoms, I don't see how grading them will really change the equation.As the saying goes....it is what it is.

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    All of those notes were in that old coin book ?
    Did the seller know the notes were in the book ?

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    The person didn’t know. We didn’t find out until I got home and looked through it. I tried finding the book seller but to no avail

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    • Best coin book purchase EVER -
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    Very nice, too bad their net grades !!! :)

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    We were all pretty shocked. I kept them
    For years feeling as those they weren’t mine but now I’m sure the person is long long and not to mention they probably got it from an estate sale and just never looked through the book.

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    What happened to all of the photos of the notes ?

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    This thread is now worthless with the photos deleted.

    Old threads are supposed to be a resource for others with similar questions.

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    I’ll repost them if you guys want to see

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    The only "problem" I see with the notes is that they aren't in my collection :-). Thanks for posting and updating, I enjoyed seeing them. I have a $500 that my Dad gave me. It is in similar shape to yours, but I will never sell it anyway.

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    if found this is an impressive set. I would be interested in buying all pieces.


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