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I have a few questions regarding this piece. I did some research through the forum and I guess years back when this came out
it didn't receive much love. I bought it because its gold, slightly above its worth in gold and.....I like the look B)
Here's the description from an online retailer Old West Gold, out of Ohio. Didn't buy from them though.
The only thing I can disagree with is a restrike.
"This solid gold proof coin is a restrike of the famous Forty-Niner Horseman. This was minted by the California Historical Society from 7 gold ingots recovered from the Ship of Gold, S.S. Central America, which sank September 12th, 1857. This proof gold coin is one of only 4006 issued by the California Historical Society. It was minted by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2002 and identified by the PCGS holder as coming from one of the gold bars recovered from the shipwreck. SS Central America gold items are very hard to come by. Here’s a chance to own a real part of shipwreck history as the gold it was minted from is the only gold that can be guaranteed from the gold mining fields in California"
This is more info than I found searching the forum, so back to 2 my questions.
1) Can anyone add to this description, or say differently?
2) Even though graded by PCGS its a blanket label" Deep Cameo Proof" I would like to enter it into my registry
just to keep track of all my coins........ How do I find a line number to enter it?
Images are below but severely scratched slab and surprisingly, very clean looking proof.


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