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I think Central States made me a world collector

I am from Iowa and had Friday off so I decided to wake up early and make the drive to Central States. I arrived at open and everyone seemed to start near the entrance so I went to the other side to start my looking. I didn't know it was the foreign coin section until I started looking at the tables but there were a lot of really great designs I liked from Germany and Austria, I have been to both a few times so I am sort of partial to them. I saw a lot of interesting coins and world medals that really interests me. Being from Iowa and only going to shows in Iowa really doesn't give me the opportunity to see many world coins I ended up spending more time in that section than I did in the U.S. section, I picked up a few Third Reich Germany medals but I don't know much so I refrained from spending too much before I learn more about what I am getting into.
Dealers were also much more friendly than U.S. coin dealers at least in my experience.


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