A new pick up!! I love this old stuff..

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Question, Do you think it will CAC?

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    Very impressive coin.... It may sticker... I really do not know how they will evaluate this coin... but I hope it does. Cheers, RickO

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    Really nice. Gorgeous example. Depending on where you acquired it, there's a strong chance JA has already seen it a few times. I haven't had good luck getting stickers on 18th Century US type.

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    @Hemispherical said:>
    Noticed I’m getting the likes. I only pulled the pic out of the cert database to make it easier to view @thebigeng ‘s fabulous coin.

    Maybe what people like is the fact that you took the time to display the image so they do not have to click through to see it ;)

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    Very nice

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    That’s a glorious piece you have there. I’m no specialist at these particular coins but I’d say yes it’ll CAC.
    Congratulations on such a nice addition to your collection 👍🏻👍🏻

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    Beautiful coin! Congrats 🍻

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    nice :)

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    Everyone should have one of these. I know I’d love to. Spent by GW himself?

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    Wow, very nice, congratulations !!! :)

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    Looks good to me...but you won't know for sure if it will pass at CAC unless you send it in...good luck and let us know!!

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    Congrats, a grand ole coin for sure.

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    OK with one exception!
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    cac or not, she's a cool old coin.

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    Great looking coin. Congrats!

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