Feds looking for victims in NY, NJ who purchased counterfeit slabbed off Craigslist or other media

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Counterfeit Slabs/Coins

A Federal Law Enforcement agency is requesting assistance in locating victims in the New York, New Jersey area who may have purchased counterfeit slabbed coins off Craigslist or other media.

The slabbed coins(PCGS,NGC) include American Gold Eagles, Gold Buffalo's, Krugerrands,Dragons and Kangaroos.

Also any dealer who may have come into contact with any subject attempting to sell counterfeits or knows of any victim that has purchased counterfeits as described above.

Anyone with information contact:

Doug Davis
[email protected]

Numismatic Crime Information Center

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    Good info @UtahCoin! Someone in the Q&A forum had this problem and I have posted this thread to their thread.

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    It must be 8 or 10 years ago that I had a guy with a fat three-ring binder come in the shop (Buffalo). The binder was loaded with Chinese material. Bust Dollars mostly.
    I just threw the guy out on his ear. In retrospect, I should have called the police. It turned out that he scammed many shops along the East coast and in the Northeast area. There were many write-ups in Coin World in the ensuing months. They did get the guy, I forgot where.
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    I am happy to see this... a concerted effort at apprehension and prosecution.... Cheers, RickO

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    Met a guy in a local coin shop that this happened to. I was kind of happy that he got taken. He's bragged for years to another friend of mine that he NEVER bought a coin from a dealer. Instead, the idjit runs around and meets strangers in parking lots from Craig's list ads. He needed a little educating... He's lucky he didn't get rolled for cash on one of his little meets.

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    It is good to hear that the feds are actually doing something about counterfeits. Hopefully this is just the start.

    I wonder why they are targeting only slabbed coins? My guess is they are working on one specific case. What would pressure them to chose to target this specific criminal?

    There are hundreds of people in the US making enormous amounts of money selling raw counterfeits on Etsy, Ebay and other online venues. Millions of dollars a year is swindled from thousands of victims yet it it rare to hear of any enforcement action.

    If they would just make examples out of even just a few of the online sellers maybe the rest of them would think twice. Stop people from reselling the fakes from China and then the Chinese wouldn't have any customers to make this crap for.

    It would be so very easy to buy a dozen counterfeits from a seller on ebay, surely enough to convince a jury that it was intent to defraud. They even give up their address and bank info.

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    Thanks to the op for the crime watch job he is doing.

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    no buyer protection on craigslist, they paid cash for the fake coins, live and learn

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    @coinpalice said:
    no buyer protection on craigslist, they paid cash for the fake coins, live and learn

    Still a crime....

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    What a shame, thanks for the heads-up !!! :)

  • johnny9434johnny9434 Posts: 19,339 ✭✭✭✭✭

    im not far from there. thanks for the heads up

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    @ChrisH821 said:

    @coinpalice said:
    no buyer protection on craigslist, they paid cash for the fake coins, live and learn

    Still a crime....

    Yes, it's also a crime if you remove the gold bricks I laid down on the walkway of my house. But doesn't mean I'm not an idiot for paving my walkway with gold bricks.

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