1959 PD Washingtons for the B toner Dansco

SkyManSkyMan Posts: 8,260 ✭✭✭✭✭

Here are the 1959 P and D Washingtons for my B toner Dansco. In 1959 the US Mint switched from paper/cardboard packaging for their mint sets to plastic. That essentially ended mint set toning, so it's much more difficult to find a toned Washington from 1959 forward.

You'll also note on the P mint that there appears to be some linear features in the obverse toning. This is a characteristic of some 1959 silver coins. It only occurs on one side of the coin. No one is exactly sure why these features appear, but the best theory that I've heard of is that something occurred in the rolling process, for the sheets of silver the planchets were stamped out of. The images are by Bob Campbell, and I think he did an excellent job.


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