Stolen/Missing $500 & $1000 Notes

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$500 Notes Missing/Stolen

The following notes have been reported missing/stolen. It is believed the incident occurred at the recent PCDA show in Chicago.

Missing Notes:

All are Circ F/VF

Fr. 2201-G 1934 $500 G00087030A
Fr. 2201-A 1934 $500 A00012203A
Fr. 2202-C 1934A $500 C00031296A
Fr. 2202-E 1934A $500 E00031425A
Fr. 2211-G 1934 $1000 H00014566A
Fr. 2211-H 1934 $1000 G00144864A

Anyone with information contact:

Peter Treglia
Doug Davis
[email protected]

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