Nicks dragon

Found a pewter Dragon that had been eluding myself and my best friend for a few years now. Our youngest son lost it, probably 22 years ago. I was trying out my new Equinox 600 and when she started hitting the 40 and 50 range the old heart started to jump! Down 7''s and there she was, I still have much t learn about the 600, just downloaded the 68 page manual, all is good in Upstate!


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    Nice find.... I have not used, nor evaluated the Equinox brand... Sounds like it is good though... Cheers, RickO

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    @49tacfw , Congratulations my brother for finding the missing dragon! I'm glad your well past yelling at me for leaving dead grass circles in your yard from the first time looking for that little gem!
    Lets not let you forget your largest find from your yard: :D
    photo Johns plow blade_zpsp272dfin.jpeg

    Love Ya Brother! ps: add the description!!

    Oh how I LOVE this hobby!
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  • I didn't yell, just commented ;) . That was supposed to be a long lost sabor of General Sullivan,not a plow part,still looking for that! Funny how events change brother, Nick has already informed us he is taking his Dragon back with him at Easter when he comes home.He bought that at the renaissance fair and it never left him until that fateful day.Love ya Brother,see you all soon!

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    Now that is a big hole... I can see why though.... :D Cheers, RickO

  • I had to yell to my wife to get a bigger shovel! :D the plow part is from the "Leroy plow Co." mid 1800's. Still a cool find and yes a big hole too . :) Dig On, John

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