Vintage poured silver

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Does anyone here collect vintage poured silver? I’m looking to buy any old pour bars, especiallythe lesser known mints. As long as it is stamped and old, I will pay more than spot and sometimes spot doesn’t even matter. Please message me and let me know what you have. Pictures are great! This is the type of stuff I’m oooking for. You can reach me by messenger here or my cell phone at 6204824193. Thank you!



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    Those are sweet! to the boards!

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    Very nice bars !!! :)

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    PM headed your way.
    Heads up they are a WEE BIT over spot.... :o

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    Great bars! love those old pours

  • Thanks! It’s an addiction for sure

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    @Kenkaniff....Welcome aboard... Some very nice old bars... You will find a lot of like minded people here... Good luck, Cheers, RickO

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    Welcome to the forums. Nice silver but what about the ring? Made from a coin?

  • Yes. It’s a barber quarter. Absolutely love it! It’s light weight and feels about the same as my silicone Qalo rings. I know people on Facebook groups that make these and can put you in contact with them if you want... a few things to consider... you want 90% silver if you will wear it daily. .999 rounds are not as durable. Price depends on the coin. I sourced my own 1910 barber quarter (harder year), and a silver buddy made it for free, typically costs around $25 or so. And you want to use a coin with good details on the rim. This guy also makes a simple keychain out of the center of the coin, so you get all the silver back for the most part. I chose a quarter because I wanted a thinner lighter ring. A half would have a thicker band... alright that’s about all I know about these rings but I think I’m in this one for about $20 (should be $45 with the work) and will order another one if I ever beat this one up too bad. It’s about 6 months old as is.

  • The toned bar under the LSS is a Eutectic 8 oz pour... I have not seen another flat Eutectic pour. They are always thicker. I thought it was a cool difference. Anyone seen a flat one before?

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    What do the keychains look like?

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    Welcome Kenny.......
    Hmmmm you too, huh?

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