Autograph Wanted - James Marcus born Brian T. James (Georgie in A Clockwork Orange)

Hello and thanks for looking

I have been trying (for years) to get an autograph from James Marcus who played Georgie in Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange. The following is more info than is needed but I just want to make it clear I'm a sincere fan and appreciate any help or guidance you may have.

I have been a fan of the film (and book) when I unearthed a copy of the VHS in my Dads collection ages ago. Shortly there after I went to great lengths to make a costume resembling one of the "Droogs". I actually met Malcolm McDowell while in costume at a 2008 Rock & Shock horror show convention in 2008 in MA. I started collecting posters and other movie memorabilia including autographs. I obtained several from Mr. McDowell including 2 when I met him in person. From there I thought it would be fantastic if I could get ALL the droogs. On ebay I was able to find Warren Clarke (Dim) and Michal Tarn (Pete) from reputable dealers and members of the UACC. James Marcus however was nowhere to be found. I began to research him and found very little (certainly no autographs). I reached out to UACC and they provided me with a business address he used to be associated with. From there I purchased British postage stamps (to place on a self addressed return envelope) and constructed a personal letter to him. I even made it a point to watch several other films he was in so I could reference them in my letter. I sent that letter out over 2 years ago with no response. A few months ago I researched the company that I was provided by UACC and found another address that was explicitly tried to Mr. Marcus when he was the acting director. I sent another letter to that address (with return postage/envelope included) the better part of a year ago with no response.....

So with all that said, can anyone give me any leads or resources I can use to try to get an auto them from the last remaining Droog?




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    That was a great movie. Try re-sending your latest letters with a signature required of the recipient. Maybe that would help. Also if possible reach out to anyone that you can find who has an autograph of his and see how they proceeded.

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