1908 Canada Specimen Set

Hi Everyone,
I bought this 1908 specimen set for around $1000 USD, and I was just curious whether or not I should grade it? I don't plan on selling in the immediate future, but I do plan on selling it eventually, and I want the coins to be protected. Any thoughts on grades and value, and whether I can get more if I sell them individually or as a set?
Thanks in advance!


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    That's an important piece of Canadian numismatic history right there - In my opinion it would remain significant if left in its "natural" state.

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    Personally, I would leave it raw. The mintage on these sets was 1,000.

    The silver looks nice and not banged around. It is a shame that the velvet in the box always seems to react with the bronze cents. Because of it, it is very hard to get one graded over SP63RB.

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    I agree. Leave it. It survived quite well after 110 years....

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    How about carefully move all 5 coins to a custom Capital holder and save the original presentation box in an acid free box or envelope. Peace Roy

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    Tough call... Very cool set

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    awesome set !

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    I had one 12 years ago. a awesome set and box.
    I made the mistake of sending it to ICCS... coins came back, all 64's
    however, they were all in flippy ICCS plastic flips....Not very attractive.
    Eventually I cut them out and back into the box they went. Sold the set later.

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    Very nice set, congratulations, I'd leave them as is !!! :)

  • sarikanairsarikanair Posts: 126 ✭✭

    Those are some really interesting Canadian coins. Even though they have quite a few abrasions and marks, you should ideally leave them as is...

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