What do I have here? Royal arms of England under James.

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Felt like a good buy at an estate sale today. It’s numbered.
There is a gold one (1 of 4) in the royal collection. That’s about as far as I can get.


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    If it is gold it should be marked as such. If it isn't marked it probably isn't. If it isn't gold it will have very little value. Even if it is gold it is strictly a melt item that should be discounted well below the actual gold content value. Beware of "estate sale" items.

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    It seems that a silver medal of this type was sold on eBay in Summer 2018 for 25.10 GBP (plus a few pounds for postage). Probably something sold under the auspices of The Franklin Mint. Franklin Mint had an affiliate working in the UK at that time.

    Bronze/brass example likely to be less, probably in line with the price shown on the sticker.

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    It’s not gold. Didn’t mean to imply that. Just that the same medal was struck in gold. I couldn’t find any info like mintage numbers, purity of the silver, or past sales.
    Franklin mint make sense given the other items for sale.

    It has toned pretty, but just a couple oz of silver I guess.

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    I think most people are wondering if the tag says $500 or $5.00 ...

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    It was 5.00

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    $5.00 for a silver medal ... that's my kind of price!

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    350th anniversary (1970) of the Pilgrims' voyage that ended in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620, from the perspective of the English side of the journey. The 400th anniversary is next year.

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