Is the new black background TrueView available?

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Now that the new TrueView background is officially on the PCGS homepage, I'm wondering if the black background prototype posted by @PCGSPhoto in December is available? Here's the thread:

I prefer the black because I'm still not used to the white background transitioning from gray on the left to white on the right. That and I just generally like black :)



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    I think the black really brings out silver and gold coins.

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    I prefer the black background.. .makes the coin 'pop' a bit more... the white background tends to 'wash out' the coin a bit. Cheers, RickO

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    I like the black also

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    Request the black background:
    Contact the TrueView Photography Department

    Do you have questions about the process or specific requests for the photography of your coins? Contact us to discuss your order.

    Email: [email protected]

    For example, interested in a black and white cameo contrast shot for a proof versus illuminating the colors of the fields in a proof? We can do that for you.

    Email us today to submit your request. Please include your submission and customer number in your email.

    Additionally, TrueView downloads show these options:

    -Large - With PCGS and cert
    -Max - With PCGS cert
    -Max (white background) - No cert
    -Max (transparent background) - No cert
    -Max Obverse (white background) - No cert
    -Max Reverse (white background) - No cert

  • Black isn’t an option at this time, unfortunately.

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    Looks like going to have to do your own background fill color.

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    @cameonut2011 said:
    I think the black really brings out silver and gold coins.

    I like the Black background on all coins myself. I use it on all my photo's.

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    @PCGSPhoto said:
    Black isn’t an option at this time, unfortunately.

    First thank you for coming here to update us.
    Can you share with us what kind of set up ( camera & lens, lighting ect ) you are using while taking the beautiful Truview pictures? Maybe a photo shot of the true view equipment while taking a photo. Just curious and again sincerely thank you. :)

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    @PCGSPhoto said:
    Black isn’t an option at this time, unfortunately.

    Anything we can do to help? Like creating a petition or something?

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