CoinFacts to TrueView Photo

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A while back there was a discussion of allowing people to retroactively pay for a TrueView for a coin that was photographed for CoinFacts without sending the coin back in. This is attractive because many photos were photographed for CoinFacts and the only real difference is that the photo would now be available the TrueView background, the actual photos would be the same.

From a technical perspective, this seems like it could be easy to implement as the photo rendering software dynamically adds the TrueView background. The TrueView background generation can be from either when the photo was originally taken or when the TrueView was paid for.

Has there been any recent thoughts on this? This just came up for me again because I'm looking at purchasing a coin that has a CoinFacts photo and it would be great to have it with a TrueView background.



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