Confused - Waiting on Person to Remove Their Card from Set, So I Could Put it in my Set. HELP!

I am waiting on 8 cards, which are registered under someone else's broken up set, to release the cards so I could enter it into my set. It's been over a week since I sent the request, and I haven't received any update from PSA on A) If the card has or hasn't been released, and B) If not release, how I can override the person's delay to send in a photo of the card to get it released and entered into my set. When I first put through the requests, I'm pretty sure PSA noted that the person only had three days to release the card, after which I would be able to upload a photo of the card to prove I now had it. Now that it's been over a week, what am I supposed to do to get the cards registered in my set?


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