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Looking for more info on coins below. Thank you


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    Welcome to our forum! These coins in my opinion have face value of about 9 cents. But on the other hand you have a beginning of a collection. The 1937 Buffalo is (I think) the highest mintage of any of the Indian head or buffalo nickels, if not very close to it. Three of the four cents are different types - you have two 1943s which are zinc coated steel, a 1944 Denver mint bronze and copper plated zinc 1996 Denver mint example.

  • @jedm Thank you!!

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    to the forums!

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    Good luck and have fun !!! :)

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    Improving your knowledge of U.S. Coins shall broaden your interest. Choose a denomination, use the Google and our hosts website to learn about varieties, grade, etc. Have fun. Peace Roy

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    @Shola79 ....Welcome aboard.... Your coins are reasonably common, but are a beginning in your collector interest. Get a Redbook and explore this great hobby... Cheers, RickO

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    _**Yes, that's right get a Red book and always remember this is shinola

    PS I'll mail you a 2018 Redbook and perhaps another book or two if you're interested. Regards, Michael

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    welcome to the boards! enjoy!!

    Collecting ... dust

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    Listen to these guys/gals advice. And, since they already have Shinola don't try to give them any more.

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