Finally finished my Silver Roosie set.

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I finally finished the silver portion of my Roosie set 100% complete, 100% Full Bands, all MS66FB or higher. This is a feat I haven't done before as I concentrated on the clads usually, but this time I'm doing both. Now my set is just a work in progress and is now in 7th place. I plan on upgrading until I can't afford anything further or something else happens.

The last coin in question was a 1958 MS66FB which I had to pay dearly for. It seems to be an all there dime from what the TV shows. Best looking bands I've seen on a '58 in my days of searching. Here is a picture of said coin:


Now that I have finished this set, my immeadiate goal is to get everything in 66+FB, then up to 7's and beyond.
Here is my set as it stands today. Thanks for looking and as always comments are welcome.

Later, Paul.


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