Slightly Off Topic, but who do I contact to get my sign in information? UPDATE... Problem Resolved.

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My old username is TennesseeDave and I have been a member here for just over 12 years. My computer that crashed in December had kept me logged in here for years without me having to enter the password and now I can't remember what it is. When I try to log in and click the Forgot Password link, it sends an e-mail to an old e-mail address that I can no longer access. I did contact customer service a couple weeks ago and a very nice man tried to assist me, but we failed to get it back up and going. Anyone here ever have any helpful information or the name of anyone in customer service that could help me? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    I see you dilemma there. I am sure the IT has ways to send the password to your current email.
    Good luck! B)

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    maybe @HeatherBoyd or @PCGSCSManager can assist you

  • Thanks, I try calling them again. If that does not work I'll go that route.

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    Keep us posted, thanks !!! :)

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    Thanks everyone, the problem has been resolved. I'm back.

    Trade $'s
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    Welcome back @TennesseeDave....Glad the problem was resolved...Cheers, RickO

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