New Orleans this weekend. Suggestions? ... PHOTOS ADDED

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I'm playing some concerts in New Orleans Feb 8-11. Any suggestions for numismatic adventure?

I've been to NOLA many times but this will be the first trip where I have 1.5 days to wander.

If you're on the darkside, yes I posted this same Q. I hope that's still within the rules ... thought someone here might have an interesting suggestion since it's stateside.

UPDATE: Thanks for the suggestions! Here are my photos from the old NOLA Mint. Placard + item. Regarding the coins, I had neither time nor a [real] camera so I shot enough to give you an idea. Lemme know if you want larger files.


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    Shrimp & grits sound good right now. On topic, no idea, perhaps @Nolawyer will chime in.

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    Fried gator ....

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    Drink your way through the French Quarter.... :D :D Just kidding....I have been to New Orleans a few times on business...never had a chance to check for coin shops though... Cheers, RickO

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    The old Mint is pretty cool..... before or after Mr Bs for BBQ shrimp, of course.

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    Many trips to N'Awlins and trying to get back this year....fantastic food and Big Ass Beers....There is a coin shop I think on Royal that is like a museum...guns and coins...great place just to look around. I think the name was James Cohen but it's right across from NOPD

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    Be careful.

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    Be sure to wear your LA Rams jersey.

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    @Cameonut said:
    Be sure to wear your LA Rams jersey.

    I have to give you a personal LOL on that one...great line.


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    Nothing numismatic but my experience is: Acme oyster is excellent, Harrah's casino was not, abita beer is cheap, street musicians are very cool but they all don't have good bathing hygiene, keep your wallet in your front pocket, if someone says "I can spell your name without you telling me" they will literally spell "your name" so give them a few bucks and have a few laughs...

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    As mentioned Cohens on Royal would be a fun stop, not necessarily to buy anything but a interesting place.

    Superior Seafood and Oyster Bar on St Charles at Napoleon (St Charles streetcar stops right at the front door) has happy hour 4:00 - 6:30 every weekday with 50-cent oysters and $3.00 draft beers. Went there twice on my NOLA visit in May of last year. They were better than any I have ever had at Acme, Felix or anywhere else in the city.

    The Old New Orleans Mint is now the home of the Jazz Museum. They have a modest admission charge and the museum is worth the visit but the highlight is the actual mint museum on the first floor (or is it the basement) that isn't even advertised but is included in your admission. It's a shame you can't visit it for free if not interested in the Jazz museum but being a musician you will probably enjoy the Jazz exhibits and the coin exhibits.

    Not far from the mint is the Brieux Carre Brewing Company just off Frenchmen St. An interesting neighborhood to say the least (day time visit recommended) and great craft beers.

    Whatever you do be careful and have fun.

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    Frank's Restaurant on Decatur St. for an outstanding muffaletta and red beans w/rice.

    The Cat's Meow is a karaoke bar that's a lot of fun. They have MC's that keep it going and they party hard.

    "As for closing, it all depends on the crowd. New Orleans doesn't have a mandatory closing time, so we go as long as there are people having fun. On average, no earlier that 2-3am during the week and 5-6am on weekends."

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    Is the "House of the rising sun" still open? Not coin related but sure might be fun!

    bob :)

    PS: we have these places here in NV, do they still have them in NOLA?

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    As previously stated, Cohens on Royal is worth a walk through, but coins seemed very optimistically priced. I was there 2 years ago.

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    @AUandAG said:

    PS: we have these places here in NV, do they still have them in NOLA?

    I think I spotted some venues, however, there have been some relatively recent changes in the laws and arrests so I'm not sure. I did not investigate.

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