New Orleans this weekend. Suggestions? ... PHOTOS ADDED

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I'm playing some concerts in New Orleans Feb 8-11. Any suggestions for numismatic adventure?

I've been to NOLA many times but this will be the first trip where I have 1.5 days to wander.

UPDATE: Thanks for the suggestions! Here are my photos from the old NOLA Mint. Placard + item. Regarding the coins, I had neither time nor a [real] camera so I shot enough to give you an idea. Lemme know if you want larger files.


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    You must see Cohen & Sons on Royal street.
    Then go eat BBQ shrimp at Pascals Manale and Beignets at Cafe de Monde.

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    No idea for coins but try Irene's for Italian food with a local twist.

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    Causeway Coin Company is a small,shabby, disorganized shop. They don't have tons of high end stuff here, and it can be hard to find what you want. When I went the owner had a big binder of foreign silver that he had listed for reasonable prices. I ended up picking up a handful of items for 50-60% of Krause world coin prices.

    Coin and Collectibles Shop in Kenner is a much nicer shop, but they generally have very little by way of world coins. They might be worth a visit for US coins, but not for world coins.

    Those are the only two I stopped by last time I was in New Orleans for work.

    Don't even both trying to get cajun food in town. You have to get out of town for that. The fine dining is excellent though. Even after living there for a few years, I still thought Parkway Brewery and Tavern had the best roast beef and gravy po-boys. The WWII museum is amazing. It's just a really well done museum. period. A clear cut above any kind of coverage WWII gets at the Smithsonian in D.C.

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    Ummm, beignets!

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    Thanks for the suggestions! Photos added.

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