Coinstar and metal detecting pennies

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Took my detecting pennies to the Coinstar on Monday. I've been waiting for the gift card option. Took Applebee's. Started running them through and then run the rejected ones through a couple of times. $36.41 and then it stopped and gave me the message to see the supervisor. After that message it prints out a cash receipt with a charge of $4.40. The supervisor opens the machine and takes out 10 or so dented coins. Says to call Coinstar about the gift card. Coinstar says when that happens it voids the gift card. Will issue a gift card for $4.40 on Amazon. Yesterday my wife is buying on Amazon so I tell her to enter the code they sent. She has a $47 order. Enter code expecting to see a $43 balance. It pays it all.

BTW it pays to dig pennies too. 3,641.


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    When the machine stopped it says your money is safe and to contact a supervisor. I've seen that on a machine before when I was checking them. If that is still there when I check one I guess that means that they left their money there and left

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    Love those story's !!! <3

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    Am I correct that when you choose a gift card there is no service fee?

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    That is correct on the gift card. The paper voucher is the card. I Generally use Coinstar for pennies since they don't clean up as nice as clad and that way the bank machine doesn't get as dirty

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    That is great PPC.... I agree... I never left any cents behind when I was MD'ing yards or parks... it all came with me. Cheers, RickO

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    @pocketpiececommems , PPC, can you describe to what amount of decay the coinstar will accept these cheesy cheap U.S. cents? I still have my 6.5 lbs of pennies I was going to ship to the mint. Problem is, it's going to cost over half of the value to ship them!
    I have some bent and chopped pieces, but most are just decayed badly from being in the ground or salt sands.
    Photo maybe of something the worsts pennies the Coinstar might accept?

    Oh how I LOVE this hobby!
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    I try to clean them up as much as possible in a rock tumbler. Some of these look pretty rough. I post a pick later of of the rejects

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    A vibratory case cleaner (for brass cartridges) is a great way to clean coins... Check Dillon Precision... Cheers, RickO

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