Argentina Sunface Silver Denomination Set

One of my favorite designs is the Argentina Sunfaces. I set out to build as high end of a set as I could and with the addition of the 4R, by far the most difficult denomination, I have completed the first iteration of the set. While the 2R and 4R are well matched and the 1/2, 1, and 8R are also reasonably well match, the set as a whole spans the grade range from AU53 (4R) to MS66 (1R). Here it is for your viewing (all coins with the help of @CoinRaritiesOnline ):

1/2R P65

1R P66 ex. Coco Derman (shown in NGC prongs)

2R P58 ex. Whittier

4R P53

8R P64+

Next up...the GOLD


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