Long Beach Show Report .

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My wife and I flew to LA from Portland last Wednesday afternoon. Rented a car and drove down to Long Beach where we checked into our hotel .

I had not been to a Long Beach show since the 1970’s.

Took my wife to dinner at a all you can eat sushi bar.....https://m.yelp.com/biz/aburi-sushi-long-beach. Fabulous !

Spent the rest of the evening reviewing Goldberg world coin auction lots. I bid on a few of the cap & rays 8 reales but in the end was not successful. So did not buy anything from the auctions.

Thursday morning I was in a great mood. Felt great to take off from work and go to a coin show.
Was there at 9am and happily paid $100 for the early bird pass.

When I entered the bourse I estimate about 90% of dealers still had the tables covered so I wandered
down to the sports collectibles area and sold the last of my tobacco cards to a woman dealer . I gave
her a GREAT deal on about a dozen tobacco cards
baseball cards including a Nap Lajoie.

I started slowly browsing in the world and ancient section of the coin show. Although one could find world coins in some dealers cases all over the bourse..... not just the world and ancient section of the show .

Now my focus for the past year is Cap & Ray 8 reales . Also I like to buy choice crown size coins of the world that have low pops from either TPG service .

However I am a sucker for buying the occasional modem crown. So my first purchases were to buy
4 gem proof modern silver crowns that were all raw at a very good price..

Then I bought a couple of raw original early date 8 reales cappers! 1825 mo jm and 1828/7 do rl.

Then I could not pass this raw 1935 George V crown for $25 and 1936 Canadian $ for $100..
Great luster on both.

Ok, by now you know I am a coin weenie. Hard to stay focused when browsing a coin show.

Then I dropped off some coins for grading at PCGS.
Actually they were coins I own in NGC slabs that I hope will cross. But PCG:S is tough .

I also dropped off about 35 world coins to Heritage all unreserved . I also picked up some lots that I had with Great Collections that I will sell at some other venue .

I also unloaded 2 MS 66 1944 50 pesos and a 1985 1 oz . panda in MS 67 all for spot plus 3% with gold at $1326. Which gave me some buying power for
numismatic coins of my liking.

I bough a few coins from Mark Teller including this one:

I also paid up for a gem NGC 65 1834 penny Great Britain . I am trying to cross it to PCGS.

I ran into Todd Pollock who continues to edit many of my coins he had photographed last November.... I look forward to sharing them on this forum.

On Friday I met @OriginalDan at the show and concluded the purchase from him of 7 wonderful gem PCGS Cap & Ray 8 reales . Thank you Dan for reaching out to me and offering to sell these coins to me . They will go into my collection and I am
really happy with them.

On the floor I also picked up these 2 8 reales:

Then for my final purchase of the show I saw this coin on the bourse under the banner of JDRC . The dealer was none other than John Dannreuther. I had never met him . It was about time! He is a real gentleman . He had some of his family members with him . He said he was starting to dabble in world coins....... can you imagine that ??

Hope he gets the bug and continues !!

This coin is tough in 66 and comes up for auction infrequently: So I happily bought it.

Missed seeing Jame Ricks and Me E. at this show.....but did run into Mike Dunigan on the floor ....no table.

Today I am going to take my wife shopping as she has been patient with me the last 2 days so no coin show today. 😀

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