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2019 Kennedy half, or Commemorative half?

Can someone help confirm if the 2019 reverse Kennedy half is considered a Kennedy clad half dollar (with Apollo background) for registry sets, or is it considered a commemorative coin of the Apollo set with a Kennedy on the obverse?
I collect modern commemoratives, and silver Kennedy's, but not any clads, unless they are considered commemoratives.


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    The best I can do for you is that the "Kennedy Reverse Proof coin" is a normal, regular Kennedy half reverse proof. It is a clad coin and not a silver coin. It has the face of Kennedy on the obverse and the regular eagle on the reverse. It will have its own required spot in any Kennedy registry set, completely separate from "silver" and "clad" requirements of other 2019 Kennedys.You can view the composition of the coin(s) at USMINT.GOV . You can also check there for the date when the Silver Kennedys will be released. To me the Apollo half is a commemorative clad coin. It is curved like the baseball coins were. Hope this helps and look forward to more information that anyone else might provide.

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