Gotta love goodwill!

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    Nice score!

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    Wow! Very nice pickup!

    What are this faint etched letters between UATB and Kirk & Son?

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    Quick goog brought this up:

    About Kirk & Son Sterling Silver
    Company History: Baltimore's prominent silver manufacturing company, Samuel Kirk & Son, dates its beginning to 1815 when Philadelphia-trained Samuel Kirk finished his apprenticeship under James Howell and moved to Baltimore.

    Attracted by the prosperous port, Kirk opened his shop at 212 Market Street (later known as 106 Baltimore Street) with fellow silversmith, John Smith. After the partnership was dissolved in 1821, Samuel Kirk carried on the business alone until his eldest son, Henry Child Kirk, became a partner in 1846. The company prospered greatly. In 1820 Maria Hester Monroe, daughter of President James Monroe, was married in the White House. She chose Kirk Mayflower as her silverware pattern. During his 1824 tour of the United States, General Lafayette ordered a pair of goblets for his Baltimore host, David Williamson. Many of Maryland's prominent families, such as the Carrolls, the Ellicotts and the Ridgelys, were among Kirk's customers. In 1861 and 1863, respectively, two more sons, Charles Douglas and Edwin Clarence Kirk, were admitted as partners, changing the firm's name to Samuel Kirk & Sons. The Civil War and its aftermath created an economic slump in the silver business causing Charles and Edwin to become discouraged. When they withdrew from the partnership, the firm reverted to the name Samuel Kirk & Son.

    Maker’s Mark info:

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    ;) Hope you rounded up the change on that purchase

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    Nice score! How would you like to double your return on investment? :)

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    Nice. I'm always on the lookout as well. I've twice found sterling for about the same price. B)

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    ZING! That's awesome!

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    @Hemispherical said:
    Wow! Very nice pickup!

    What are this faint etched letters between UATB and Kirk & Son?

    I believe some sort of inventory coding. Possibly by the retailer.

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    Wow....nice pickup....I have not been fortunate enough to find sterling at such places...Though I keep looking.... Hope springs eternal.... ;) Cheers, RickO

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    Quick goog search brought this up: “” May need to copy/paste the link due to the period in the URL.

    Has a lot of history of Kirk and Son.

    Also, at the bottom of the web page there is a 1963 catalog. Hard to tell but it looks like item 417 on page 2, Candy or Nut Dish. Here is the catalog:

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    244 grams!!! >:)

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    Keep looking @ricko it’s out there!

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    That's super cool you have time to look

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    Sweet !!! :)

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    Good eye! Nice catch!

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    Score !

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    @Hemispherical said:

    @asheland said:
    244 grams!!! >:)


    244g x 0.925 = 225.7g of silver

    Spot silver $0.50g

    So, 225.7g is about $112.85.

    A $2 cash investment brings about $112.85 of silver.... 5642.5%. Wow!

    It was a nice return on the investment! :blush:

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    That's awesome!

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    Nice one! It's quite a thrill to turn a piece over and find that "STERLING" mark.

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    bob :)

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    Now that is sweet

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  • Wow! I need to start looking!

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