My F.U.N. Show report

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This was my second F.U.N. Show, or as I like to tease my daughters, The Happiest Place on Earth.

I wish another social commitment hadn't kept me the forum Happy Hour. I'm sure it was a pleasure for everyone to be able to put faces to forum handles and renew friendships.

I did get to meet a few members for the first time;

While I waited for my time slot for the NGC grading contest.... ( my participation medal)
my wife and I got to meet
@crazyhounddog and his son Joey.
Thank you for the momentos guys and great luck to you having a portion of your collection conserved.

@ElmerFusterpuck and his lovely wife at the PCGS Luncheon. We talked more about cruising than coins :) ....

@HeatherBoyd who I got to compliment on her stewardship of this neat place.
It was fun listening to @BrettPCGS recount his interesting drive to the West Coast...
@ScarsdaleCoin thank you for the candy. Sorry I got to the show too late Sunday to visit your table.

@Insider2 who kindly took the time to give me his opinion on a coin, briefly discuss gradeflation and offer a suggestion for a book for me to add to my numismatic library.

I visited with @PTVETTER (who I bought a slider shield nickel from) and ran into @SeattleSlammer who I'm used to running into at NW shows.

The hit of the show for me was definitely the Pefection Collection. OMG

Glad I came to Orlando



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