Mercury Dime Auction Prices from yesterday at FUN.

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Watched the Auction online and was a little surprised at some of the prices. All of these dimes came out of the number 3 rated Registry Set that is being auctioned at FUN.
First for the so called Key Dates.
1916D- 66FB- 45,600
1921P-66+FB- 14,400
1921D-66+FB- 50,400
1926S-66FB- 13,200
1945P-66FB- 13,200
Now for the Dreck.
1918S-67FB- 144,000
1919D-66FB- 156,000
1920S-67FB- 72,000
1925S-67FB- 66,000
1926D-67FB- 60,000
1935S- 68FB- 90,000 what a surprise this was.
Some other dates sold in the 50,000 range including the 1925P which was a 68FB coin.



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