Just my Two-Cents......................and then some.

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I submitted some coins to PCGS for Gold Shield ReHolder because I wanted to have them TrueViewed. The pictures posted this afternoon so I thought I'd post them and explain.

I have always liked Two-Cent Pieces, so about 2-3 years ago I decided to try to put together a Date Set. I was thinking of it as a diversion, something to do while I was looking for other coins and came upon Two-Centers. After some initial searching I decided to focus on Mint State AU58's, 1864-1872 with the latter date and the Small Motto being the ones I'd buy last. I put parameters on myself that didn't seem extreme at the time but would help ensure that the coins were nice --- PCGS graded coins, minimal verdigris, even color, no dark carbon spots and minimal contact marks. After some initial searching I checked the pop report because I wasn't seeing a lot of coins. Here is where it is now:
1864/Small Motto --- 52.
1864/Large Motto --- 273.
1865 --- 161.
1866 --- 48.
1867 --- 52.
1868 --- 47.
1869 --- 38.
1870 --- 30.
1871 --- 65.
1872 --- 26.

Aside from the 1864/Large Motto and the 1865 there are only about 40-50 AU58's from each date which surprised me and made searching harder than I expected. Early on I saw an 1870 that I regret not buying since that date has proven elusive. Also, 1866 is hard to locate. The 2-3 I have seen had too many carbon spots and verdigris. I do have an 1871 that was already TV'd but I can't remember the cert number and it's in the bank box. Here are the others.

I also submitted a few pieces from my Type Set for the images.

1851-O/3CS --- Technically, there should be three of these, right, one for each Type?? I thought the only 3CS with a MM was a good start.

1962/5C --- Some might see this as "AT" but I have been able to find three similarly toned 1962 Proofs, one in a small, white ANACS holder and another in a still intact flat pack Proof Set. JMHO, the color results from something on the coin's surface(maybe a rinse residue) that reacted with the cello packaging. This is the most vibrant of the three coins I own.

1964/25C --- This is one of the advantages of working in a Coin Shop: we deal a lot in "junk" silver and I handle most of it. If I picked out Varieties there would be tubes full, but nothing else would get done as I searched. Color coins are easy to spot.

1892/25C --- This was included in a bunch of coins a collector had in a tin, we found it as we were buying the collection. It was really weird, inside the tin was an assortment of VG Indian Cents, worn Buffalos and stuff like that. Mixed in was this coin and an 1860 something Seated Half-Dollar.

1901-O/Morgan Dollar --- I don't buy Morgans very often but I liked the look of this one. It fills the series hole for the 1900's.

HK-299/SC$, Louisiana Purchase Exposition, Silver --- What can I say, my weakness is Medals and other Exonumia and this one didn't have a picture. In-hand it's sort of a mottled grey with pretty good luster.

So that's it for now, I have another raw submission en route to the factory. I figure those grade will show up in early February and there's an eclectic mixture of SC$'s and a couple of Alaska Bingles. Stay safe and enjoy.

Al H.

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    Pretty Morgan dollar. You got lucky finding that one. Too bad about the spot on the quarter and the spots on your nickel. Did you not see these before grading? Toning looks good though.

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    Really like the 1892 half

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    wow... love your 2-centers! especially the '64 and the '67

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    Very nice grouping!

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    Very nice coins! Are you going to FUN?

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    Nice coins. Great color on those quarters.

  • keetskeets Posts: 21,170 ✭✭✭✭✭

    no fun for me even though I'd like to attend.

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    Those toners are SWEET!

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    Wow! Those look very nice. Of them all my eyes were drawn to 1868. Thank you for getting them TVd so the images are forever saved.

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    I like 2-centers, had an MS set years ago, but sold it. :(

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    I like the SCD !

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    Nice group of coins Al.... I like two cent pieces... still have a couple from when I was a kid...The two cent piece seems to be a largely ignored collecting niche. Cheers, RickO

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    Just fantastic! I really dig the 1868. It has a great contrasting brown tonalities. Ohh, and way to work in the word-play in the title of the thread.

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    Depending on your definition....I've either just completed my 2-cent set, or have just the 1865 "fancy 5" to add. (Many would just ignore the variety).

    My criteria wasn't quite as strict on grade. I just wanted "Nice AU" for most dates, so I have a few 53's and 55's. And I splurged on 64's for a couple of cheap dates, and went lower grades for the '64 small motto and '72.

    In fact, the only 58 I have is an 1866 that I crossed over from NGC. (It's as clean and smooth as you could ever want, but I don't have a pic right now).

    It's a fun short set to work on!

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    As a curiosity, what is the estimated cost to put together a set like this in choice AU- PCGS graded?

  • keetskeets Posts: 21,170 ✭✭✭✭✭

    the coins I have bought so far have been close to the PCGS guide prices.

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    Very nice.

    BTW, next post is 20K. :)

    One of the coins above would be a nice giveaway. (wink wink). :D

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    Those are some great 2 cents.

    Thanks for sharing!!

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    Nice selection of copper. Its a little tough to find it without spots and stains unless you're prepared to pay up.

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    That's a really nice set so far. Hope you find the others to match.

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    Eclectic group and fun to look at. Nice O mint trime!

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    Something about that 1868 that is so compelling. Thanks for sharing your collection and journey.

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    Very nice! Thanks for sharing. I had no idea the pop was so low on a few of the 2 centers, that's gotta feel good. Pretty nice toning on the '64 quarter and the Morgan.

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    Lovely 2c pieces.

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